Week 53 results for photo contest.

It’s the possibly the worst part of summer: the hotness. However, it’s the best part of MGF’s Tumblr contest: pure hotness. As usual, a few runners up and then the $100 cash prize winner! For starters, Mistress Bane shows off a convincing amount of side boob in this runner up photo:

You can hop over to MGF and see her profile: Mistress Bane on MyGirlFund. Next up, an arty shot from Frisky:

Mirror, mirror on the wall… Kaylie is also a runner up this week with a very silly picture of her and her “medicine”:

Next up, a new comer who calls herself Hot Pepper:

She’s certainly got the ‘hot’ part down. And the winner, the grand champion, the queen of Tumblr (this week, anyway):

It’s Belle because…well I’ll say it because you are thinking it…yay boobies.

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