It’s a hot, hot summer…

…but not as hot as the MGF girls who submit to Tumblr. Every week the girls post dozens of candid and sexy photos to the MGF Tumblr and then we pick the best one and give her a very special prize (hint, it’s money.) So, it looks like there is at least one upside to this whole global warming thing – the hotter it is, the less the girls wear.

Anyway – the results! These are the winners for week 51 and week 52. That’s June 23rd through 29th and then June 30th through July 6th. Got that? Two weeks, two winners and we’re caught up until this Friday, July 13th.

Oooooooooh Friday the 13th. Spooooooooky.

So, week 51 runners up:

Okay, we’re dorks but not exactly nerds, this is obviously some kind of cosplay – but unless she’s Tan Line Girl, we have no idea who it is – clue us in in the comments? Thanks to Femme for this one.

Frisky is always in the running, and this week is no different with this great nude:

And, winner winner, chicken dinner, (AGAIN) – the lovely and artistic Apt. No. 7:

It’s possible that Ms. Apt. No. 7 is the all time Tumblr champ, with something like 4 or 5 all time wins?

Week 52 had some really interesting stuff from the girls, including two great shots from Belle:

What week would be complete without an update from blonde bombshell, Siren and her trusty white iPhone:

Resident photog Cherry Bella submitted this one, showing off the world’s sexiest hazardous chemical warfare outfit:

And the winner? A relative newcomer with a simple self portrait showing off the main reason people go to MGF and the main reason they stay: pretty, sexy, fun, normal, average girls next door like Femme:

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