May and June updates from Tumblr.

It looks like some sort of glitch got weeks 46 and 47 queued but not published and then week 48 published before weeks 46 and 47 were. Very odd, but we’ll assign the blame to someone with fat fingers and poor calendar reading skills. Props to Tumblr regular Apt. No. 7 for spotting the error and bringing it to our attention (now we feel bad that she didn’t win this week!) Well, nobody’s perfect despite all the effort we put into trying to be, so here goes, back to front:

Week 46 runners up and winner:

Runners up are Zoe, Apt No 7, Smiley, Le Wild:


Winner is long time MGF girl and talented photographer, Cherry Bella:

Week 47 was in the same long lost post, so here are the finalists and our winner:

Runners up are Le Wild, and Zoe:


However, our winner is Day Dream, either one of these great candid pics could be a winner, but flashing from behind motocross goggles is always a sure bet!

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