Week 41 results.

Well it’s all but summertime again, and the girls of MyGirlFund are going to start getting tanner and tanner, so as a bit of a summer preview this week we picked out a perfect all over tan and a sexy bikini shot as finalists in the weekly MGF photo contest. Week 41 was from April 14th to April 20th.

To find out which one is the winner, keep reading!

This week we had a lot of first time entries – maybe girls were realizing that it was tax time and wanted to make a few extra bucks to soften the blow. So, the runners up?

Auryn, possibly a self shot snap here, sits in the distance sneakily showing us her goods.

Amira, not a first time entry, but always a threat to win the weekly contest, enters this cool, sexy exercise in depth of focus.

Jinna Belle is new to the contest and this was the most highly rated of her entries this week, showing off her big, natural assets.

First runner up, showing off her summertime bod: Princess Devour.

And the winner, with a flawless head to toe tan already in place by April is Pretty Lights.

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