May Update.

Just like the last few updates we’re going to bust out double winners today, these will be for Week 39: through April 6th and then Week 40: 7 – 13th April.

Before we get to that we’d like to once again offer a thanks to the girls of MyGirlFund. We started this contest, this blog and the site to give sexy, flirty, fun girls a way to take advantage of their beauty and personality to achieve their goals. The rules are simple: pick a random photo out of your portfolio or personal collection of pics, send it in let it be judged. The winner each week gets an extra $100 credited to her fund, instantly.

Ta-daa and presto. It’s that easy.

So, that said, back to contests!

Week 39 had some really great stuff including entries from Siren, Day Dream, Kaylie (of course), and newcomer Little Miss Bambi. The winner? Stay tuned after the runners up:

Siren shows off her cleavage in some elegant lingerie:

Day Dream goes gothy in this one:

A treat we can always count on, Kaylie’s amazing whooty:

But the Week 39 winner and all around hottie is Little Miss Bambi:

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd – big week number 40. It’s curious how the contest seems to run hot and cold. Some weeks we’ll get 3-4-6 entries that are decent. Then a week like week 40 we’ll get 2 DOZEN entries and any ten of them could win. That said, we had to narrow it way down, here’s six finalists and your big winner.

Smiley gives us two – a sneaky self shot flash and a shot of her taking her…medicine for her um…glaucoma?

Day Dream flashes us some gothy panties:

A fantastic surprise flash of Frisky’s perfect boobs:

And Le Wild, gets wild showing off her pierced D cups:

Your winner? Siren, bra and panties. Wow:

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