Happy April, ladies and germs!

The end of March was slightly eventful. We had a really great set of contest entries for week 37 and we’ll detail those in a bit. But we also had a bit of a crash and burn for week 38 – the last week of March. Because of a technical snafu the entries for the last week of March were lost so we’re going to cancel that week’s contest and skip ahead to week 39 for the next announcement.

One other thing, a few weeks back we posted about MyGirlFund’s other contest site…a gallery site where you can rate the MGF girls. We’ve made a few improvements and are working on a few more, but you are welcome to check it out.

Now, onto week 37 with a few runners up:

One of our runners up is a first time entry who sent in some amazing stuff. She calls herself Risque Miss and let her inner nerd shine with the following:

And turned it up a notch with this sassy flash:

Siren, sexy as always sent this great self shot pic:

Preslee went straight for the win with a fantastic booty shot:

And the winner – couldn’t have been easier, this is such an amazing pic: Apt No. 7

As was mentioned above, no winner for week 38 due to technical issues.

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