Some thoughts and an update.

Much like last week we’re going to bust out double winners today, these will be for Week 35: March 3-9 and Week 36: March 10-16.

Before we get to that we’d like to offer a sincere thank you to the lovely ladies of MyGirlFund. We started this contest, this blog and the site to give sexy, flirty, fun girls a way to take advantage of their beauty and personality to achieve their goals. And as a way for guys to talk to girls in a fun environment. At the end of the day, however, the girls of MyGirlFund are what make it what it is.

So, that said, back to contests!

Week 35 was huge, and had a lot of entries, all of which were extremely well done like this example from the sultry and curvy Le Wild. Amira can ALWAYS be counted on to send something arty and sexy, like this number:

Cherry Bella is a long time contributor and all of her pics have a great uniqueness to them like this entry:

But the winner is a clear choice: FRISKY! Why did she win? Hello? Are you seeing that amazing backside in the sexiest pair of fishnets EVER?

Okay, Week 36. This one was easy on a number of levels. The winner is Sweet Bella:


This is exactly what we were hoping to get when we started the contest: great composition, a beautiful girl and some outright sexiness that defines the girls of MyGirlFund.

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