WTF is up with the contest?

Well once again we got a little behind in the voting. It happens, there’s a lot going on over here at MyGirlFund. But we’re going to do our best to catch up and get all the lovely ladies who’ve taken part in our Tumblr contest paid for their wining photos. So, no time to waste! Week 32, winner winner chicken dinner = Zoe.

Winning pic right here, awesome ass, well worth $100 cash!

Week 33, from 16 Feb to 24 Feb: easy enough to pick this one. Kaylie and her fantastic ‘Sparky’ tatted backside. We should hold a new contest, “Who is SPARKY?” Nobody over here has figured out how, but Kaylie has this amazing ability to capture her fantastic booty in action and always manages to highlight her “Sparky” ink.

Week 34 from 24th Feb to the 1st of March was much tougher to judge as we had a lot of great entries, but then a front runner appeared and locked it up. We were very close to awarding Smiley the $100 cash prize for her Hipstamatic landing strip pic:

But in fact her upskirt pic seemed more artistic and got the most votes from the staff:

So there you have it, three in a row: Zoe for week 32, Kaylie for week 33 and Smiley for week 34. Thanks a lot girls and keep the great submissions coming.

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