Leap year Tumblr results!

Looks like we got an extra day in February this year which seems like the perfect time to put up a quick update to the MyGirlFund Tumblr contest! These results are for week 31, which is the week from the 4th of February to the 10th of February. This week probably had the most entries in the short history of this mamajama, thanks to multiple submissions by several girls and about 900 from Fuhrer.

There were a couple of really unique entries, for example this shot of Miss Betty as a low cut, two gun toting cop in a short skirt:

Fuhrer Blue sent in several including this shot of her apple bottom and wild hair:

Siren sent in a few shots as well, a very cute close up of some flirty blue panties and a nice cleavage shot:

And the big winner? No surprise this week, it’s Kaylie’s perfectly shaped whooty which was not only the best pic of the week, but also got the most re-blogs with over 100:

So, congrats Kaylie, thanks for backing that thing up for us and capturing it on film.

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