Tumblr contest, week 30!

30 weeks in, this brought us what many consider to be the single best submission of the contest. By that we don’t mean that it’s the best MGF pic ever posted on the MyGirlFund Tumblr, though it might be. We just mean that no matter what week this pic was submitted, it probably would have won. Crazy, huh? We’ll reveal it last and hand off the $100 cash prize to the lucky girl.

This is week 30, which ran from 28 January until 3 February, and saw some really interesting submissions. First up, a relatively new contributor: Day Dream shows off what looks like a very expensive bra holding back a very nice set of curves:

Miss Betty submitted this, which has great color and a raw attractiveness that really caught our eye:

Mary XXX Jane submitted this one which is fantastic, but not quite good enough to win:

Siren shared this sexy photo of her boudoir and backside, which almost looks candlelit:

But the winner, the rockin’ rolla, the super pic is ALSO from Mary XXX Jane, it’s the next pic in the series from above:

Just wow. Legs so long they go all the way from the floor to her ass, and a perfectly positioned g-string. Just amazing.

Thanks for sharing this amazing pic, Mary; and we hope you enjoy your prize money (maybe buy a few more g-strings? Just a thought…)

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