Week 28? SRSLY? On Tumblr?

It’s already February? Good god in heaven, time flies. And so do the photos for our weekly MyGirlFund Tumblr contest. Now before you get all mad, we did promise that we would award $100 cash per week, but nobody ever said we would pay up THAT week….(or even that month). But we are working on it! So these results are for week 28, which was 14-20th January. Week 29 has also been judged and we’ll get that update published and the lovely lady in question paid off ASAP as well.

This week had some great photos and a few new first timers which is always a treat for us and the viewers.

The first runner up was another great photo from Amira, she’s become quite the Hipstamatic artist…and we don’t frown upon that:

Smiley is a first timer and her photo captures a certain sexy, girlie, passion that everyone liked:

But the winner, once again showing off her perfect, hourglass proportions, it’s Alexxx:

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