Okay, we’re running late.

We made a big push to get the December MyGirlFund Tumblr Contests judged and prizes handed out before X-mas and then we got a little lazy. We were able to kiss 2011 goodbye with our final winner of the year – Zoe. But now it’s 2012, and although the world is likely going to end this year, we plan to go out with a big, sexy, MGF bang by running the Tumblr contest all year, though if the planet explodes or the magnetic fields switch poles destroying all modern technology, we make no promise that the winner that week will get paid.

So to catch up we’re going to start with week 1 of 2012, which was through the 6th of January. As usual there were a few runner ups. This week I honestly think the voting was 100% spot on, the best pic definitely won. And, as usual the runners up were previous week’s winners, as I think there are a few girls who have this contest on lock and are a threat to win every week (I’m talking to you Alexxx, Mary Jane and Amira).

So, honorable mentions:

Third runner up is Barbidoll. One, guys love the tats; two, guys love little pink panties; three, guys love blondes.

Second runner up is Miss Emily. Same reasons as above, just change pink panties to blue panties and blondes to brunettes.

Runner up is Mary Jane because, well, boobs and bongs, der.

And the winner this week of the $100 cash grand prize? Miss Betty! Why? Hello, oiled up booty over here:

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