Last winner of 2011!

Well, 25 weeks in and we’re still going strong over at Tumblr. Maybe it’s time for a quick update on the reason for the contest before we announce this week’s winner. The idea is simply for the girls of MGF to show off quirky, fun, sexy photographs and to share them. At the end of the week we pick a couple of finalists and then vote on a winner, the winner gets $100 cash. Since all of the girls on MGF are quirky, fun and sexy and since they all have photographs, it’s an easy win for almost any girl.

So that said, who took home the grand prize this week? Well as usual there were a couple of finalists. This week we were pretty close to giving the prize to Kaylie:

Her stuff is always good, and usually very fun.

Stitches is always a threat to win, she lives some kind of crazy life and always seems to have a camera around to capture it, for example:

But the winner was a rare glamour shot from Zoe:

Normally we go for candid shots, action. Profile pictures never win, self shot pics almost ALWAYS win, but this week? Zoe, winner, cash.

Goodbye 2011.

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