Tumblr Numblr 23 winner!

Well it was bound to happen! After 3 weeks of solid submissions and a record 3 runner-up spots in a row, this week’s winner was a no brainer for us: Kawaii. Her photos are all very good: fun, flirty, arty, sexy. Basically all of the things we were looking for when we started the contest. The only reason she hasn’t won three weeks in a row is that other girls really stepped up their game lately. Had Kawaii started submitting her pics in week 10, she’d certainly have won 2-3 week sin a row, I’d wager!

Fortunately for us, and the girls who took home the prize money in those weeks, Kawaii doesn’t have a time machine (we hope!) so the results stand. Here’s her winning pic for December 10-16:

As for runners up this week, a close second was Barbidoll with her tan lined booty:

Which is a great pic BUT (butt!), suspiciously similar to the pic Barbi took home the prize money with in week 19. No, we’ll never get tired of seeing fantastic booties, but it wasn’t QUITE enough to win it this week.

The other top vote getter was Fuhrer Blue, with an excellent teasing shot of her various assets and, if you look closely, a pair of pink thong panties:

So thanks a bunch to Kawaii and to all of the girls who entered this week – as long as you keep submitting great photos, we’ll keep paying out that weekly $100 cash prize!

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