Fast forward week 22 and 23.

Hey y’all, hold on tight, the results are coming fast and furiously this week. We are going to try to get the judging and voting done double quick so that the last few winners of the contest can get paid before Christmas so they’ll have a little extra spending cash to get something nice for someone special on their list.

Last week was week 22, December 3-9. Next week is week 23 from December 10-16. Week 24 is December 17-23, which will be awarded after Christmas because even if we award the prize to the winner’s fund at the end of business on the 23rd, she won’t be able to get paid until after Christmas anyway, so same-same.

So, today, week 22. Week 22 had the most entries of any week so far, and some of the best QUALITY entries in the whole contest! So, a few runners up:

Kaylie, doing some outdoor yoga and showing off her booty, which you must know by now is Mix-a-lot video worthy.

Kawaii also sent in a couple of great shots, and considering she’s been a runner up two weeks in a row, it won’t be long before she takes home the grand prize:

Our first runner up is Alexxx in pink panties and stripey socks – she’s a two time winner already and sends in great stuff every week. There is no doubt she’ll take home another grand prize before the contest is over.

This week’s winner, however, appealed to our irrational love of sexy, self shot Hipstamatic pics. Her name is Smiley and here’s her winning pic:

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