Tumblr winner for week 19.

Judging for week 19 was pushed back a day for Thanksgiving because you KNOW we here at MyGirlFund be loving our turkey and stuffing. But we voted and came up with a winner. This week’s winner (for the week of 12 November to 18 November) reminded a few of us of a throw back to a previous week with the inclusion of some tanlines. This week’s Tumblr contest winner is a girl who will be celebrating her 1 year anniversary on the site soon, it’s Barbidoll with her entry, ‘Tan Lined Caboose + Thong = Cash’:

I wonder if some voters are always swayed by tan lines, there seem to be a lot of them winning.

As usual we have a solid runner up – Naughty New Girl for her contribution which could only be called one thing – ’69’:

Thanks a lot to all the girls who entered, week 20 just closed and we’ll be announcing THAT winner soon. Week 21 is already underway, so get your entries in ASAP.

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