Week 17 winner … or WINNERS!?!

The MyGirlFund Tumblr contest has been great so far, the girls have been submitting a lot of great photos and our Tumblr has been blowing up nicely.

This week’s winner (for the week of 29 October – 4 November) is UNPRECEDENTED – it’s a tie! That’s right, two winners! We voted and voted and no matter what we came up with the same two girls kept getting equal votes on the same 4 photos! Eventually we just had to throw up our hands and say, “It’s a TIE!” So, for starters, here are the two WINNING pictures from Mary Jane at the top and Amira on the bottom:

Pretty great stuff, we think. But the crazy thing? the second place photos are ALSO from Mary Jane and Amira! Here are the links:

Amira’s nature photo.

Mary Jane’s lingerie photo.

So, there you go, 17 weeks in and things are still happening! Our very first straight up TIE. Both girls will get equal first prize payments and our heartfelt thanks for participating and helping to make the MyGirlFund Tumblr exciting, interesting and more than a little sexy.

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