Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Week 8!

We’ve been doing the MyGirlFund Tumblr Girls in the Wild contest for two full months now, and it’s been great. The submissions are all over the map and have given us a great picture of the girls of MGF.

If you aren’t clear on how the contest works, it couldn’t be easier. Girls have a place to send in photos to Tumblr directly from their computer or phone, each week all of the MGF crew votes on their favorite and it’s winner take all! $100 cash goes directly to her fund.

This week’s winner has been both submitting really great pics to Tumblr since the contest started, but she’s also been a long time MGF contributor. She goes by Kaylie, she’s got buns of steel, lungs of chiba and a portfolio of amazing stuff. Here’s her winning entry:

A shot from a dirty nature girl photoshoot.

There were quite a few runners up, feel free to re-blog your favorite:

Hollyloxx showing off her caboose.

Nikky Dreamer is posing as a goth punk.

And lastly —

Kinky Kelly shows off a great self shot pic.

Thanks for submitting to all the ladies of MGF. Next week’s contest is already underway and congrats Kaylie!

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