Tumblr week 5 winner!

Wow, it’s already week FIVE of the MyGirlFund Tumblr! It’s really been a lot of fun for us and for viewers to see a more candid side of the girls on MGF and I think we’re going to continue the contest past the summer, but possibly with some changes – maybe theme weeks or some other change. Until I announce it, however, it’s business as usual. Now, onto this weeks winner.

The winner this week has really supported the contest since the beginning. She’s probably submitted dozen pics and they are all unique, interesting and fun, but for some reason, she’s always ended up as a runner up until this week. Our Tumblr winner this week goes by Stitches and her pics are generally awesome. Here’s the winner:

Stitches showing off some lower leg ink and some very sexy shoes.

Stitches has posted a few other great pics, as well:

Here in a bikini.

And this one flashing her rack.

Congrats to Stitches on the win and we sure hopes she keeps sharing.

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