Winner, winner chicken dinner!

Week two of the MyGirlFund Tumblr contest took a bit of time to get all the votes tallied, and much like last week we had a clear winner, but a division on which photo.

The winner submitted not one, not two, but THREE great pics to Tumblr this week, she goes by Amira and her pics were great. Here’s the winner:

Amira showing off in the green, green grass of summer.

Her other two pics were runners up as well:

Amira at the beach.

And princess Amira of the prairie.

Congrats to Amira and once again, thanks to all of the girls who submitted.

Like last week, here are the other finalists:

Ksyusha doing some outdoor webcamming.

Miss D showing some skin.

Jessie Rae testing the limits of a bikini top.

And, lastly one of the biggest vote getters not to win, our own College Hottie show how much work it takes to be this hot.

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