First $100 cash prize awarded.

After a week of great photos we finally chose a winner for week one of our summertime MyGirlFund Tumblr contest.

Interestingly, while choosing the WINNER was pretty easy (it’s Kirby XO) choosing the winning PHOTO was quite a different matter. The staff was divided right down the middle on this one, with half taking one side and half taking another.

One half selected this photo as the winner:

Kirby XO on the beach in a bikini.

While the other half selected this one:

Kirby XO sexing up the laundromat.

Since both were from Kirby XO we knew we had a winner, it was just a matter of breaking the tie on the photo. Now all of the fitter members of the staff proposed a ‘Thunderdome’ style tie breaker where each side picks their strongest member and they fight to the death, but that was shelved because of some insurance red tape or some such BS and we came up with an alternate plan that yielded the beach pic as the winner.

So, congrats to Kirby XO and a huge thanks to all the girls who submitted photos.

Here are few honorable mentions that made the finals, but didn’t QUITE have the votes to take the big prize:

Emily Strange doing a deal defying split.

Siren’s sultry self portrait.

Vicious Vixen’s panties with a message.

Barbidoll shows us what the OPPOSITE of the MySpace angle is.

Red Rose poses by a sea side cave.

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