New contest is live and going well!

So what is it, how’s it work, where can I see the entries? Today you learn all that and more.

The contest is for the best photo submitted to MyGirlFund’s summr tumblr blog:

MyGirFund Tumblr

We’re calling ‘Girls in the Wild’ because I guess someone already took the name ‘Girls Gone Wild’ (go fig, huh?) The idea is that girls submit random pics, candids from their phones and around the house, whatever. You know Tumblr type stuff – and we post it and then at the end of the week we’ll pick the best pic of the week and award a prize.

How’s it work? It’s painfully EASY, during the week the girls keep their iPhones or Blackberries handy and take pictures of their adventures. We’re looking for the stuff that makes MGF a fun place to be. Girls having fun. Girls kissing girls, getting ready to go out, bra and party panties in the mirror, dancing on the bar, whatever they do that expresses what makes them an MGF girl.

It’s that simple, feel free to click on over and check out the blog, each week I’ll be sure to update this spot with the winner.

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