Big MyGirlFund News

It’s on now! MyGirlFund is celebrating summer by bringing sexy back with a fresh, clean redesign.

As the site has grown we have taken a very deliberate upgrade path. If you have been a member or fan for more than the last year you’ll recall that our initial development stage was a beta test where we opened the site up publicly to girls and guys to test the concept and our technology. We spent over a year refining the chat, video messaging and financial technology.

In February of 2011 we officially launched the site out of beta and opened it up to girls from most English speaking nations, we offered forgiveness to girls we’d had to kick out during our beta period and we rocked the entire online interaction industry with the lowest fees anywhere – as low as 10%.

A quick aside regarding fees. The number one public complaint we see about the scaled 10% fee out in public is “oh no girl will ever get that, you have to make so much money, blah, blah.” This is completely false. On the DAY we launched we had a substantial number of girls instantly go to 10-15% fees. The reason the fee is scaled based on your participation at MGF is simple: loyalty. There are any number of places you can go on the web to meet your goals. There are sites that will tell you that you are a princess, sites where you can meet the owners and party with them, sites with more traffic than the 405 at rush hour, and none of those are us.

We know that the most ‘fun’ you can have on MyGirlFund is when your ‘fund’ is growing and the goals you have are within reach. The way we’ve chosen to reward girls for loyalty and support MGF is by rewarding them with cash in their pockets.

So no matter what all those other sites TELL you, we are the only site that is SHOWING you we appreciate you by giving you the biggest possible share of the profits.

So, all of that said, we are rocking the industry again by bringing you THE sexiest, THE sleekest, THE most easy to use and navigate site:

We’ve launched a completely new look and feel that mirrors the elegance and creativity of the girls who make MGF what it is. Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy the new site.

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