New contest coming soon.

As many of you may know, last year we set up a video contest for all of the girls on MGF. If you know that, then you know it wasn’t quite as fun and carefree as we’d hoped. Aside from, shall we say tactfully, voting irregularities there were a few other issues. In some cases girls weren’t 100% clear on the voting criteria, in other cases there was, again to be tactful, sabotage.

Lastly one of the things we’d thought would be great turned out to be a big problem – the prize money. We originally figured that $500 cash added to the winner’s fund would be awesome. However, this turned out to make it a pretty high stakes contest and the second and third place finishers always felt (sort of rightfully so) that they’d been gyped out of $500.

So obviously all of the above are going to change.

First off voting will be tightly restricted, so that the highest quality entry wins, not just the girl who is best at hustling votes. We’ll set it up to be more fraudproof by changing the way in which entries can be submitted and last we’ll make it a bit easier to enter, and increase the payouts. So it’ll be something easy to accomplish and easy to enter, and then we’ll pay out a weekly prize of say $50 or $100.

I would love to hear some feedback in the comments about what it is girls think would make a fair contest and we’ll see how much we can incorporate into a new set of contests to kick off this summer to combat the dreaded summer slowdown.

Thanks and keep Girlfunding.

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