Working on a new MyGirlFund theme song.

Can I get an opinion on this as an MGF theme song?

I think it includes all the best aspects of a theme song: first off it’s hooky. Second off, and possibly most important it begins with a guy saying “yeee-ah”. IMO there are only two legit ways to begin a rap song, either a guy saying “yeee-ah” or the rapper complaining about the volume not being loud enough in his headphones.

5 thoughts on “Working on a new MyGirlFund theme song.

  1. Is MGF broken? I signed up as a model over a week ago. I’ve uploaded all the requested pics and ID. I’ve emailed tech support twice with no response. Will someone please respond?


    • No, MGF is not broken. We work very, very hard to maintain our uptime.

      There are a variety of reasons why you (or any model) may not be approved instantly.

      For example if your return email address is suspicious. Say you sign up using, obviously for a pretty blonde girl this would throw a flag, or something like Additionally, if you sign up using an easily searchable name. MGF‘s policy is that model names should be as anonymous as possible, this is why MGF is not for everyone. If you are interested in building a personal brand and getting yourself out there as a ‘name’ model, MGF is probably not the place for you, as we don’t encourage brand building. There are however, literally, oodles of sites that allow and encourage you to do exactly that.

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