MGF in the Twittersphere.

Every once in a while I’m asked why MyGirlFund doesn’t use Twitter or Facebook as social media outreach. Well there is a long answer and a short answer, but they both come down to one thing: our overall philosophy.

Simply put it’s because MyGirlFund is about the girls, period. There are other sites similar to MGF, tho none are quite the same, and the owners and operators are very public – spamming their sites on Twitter, befriending people on Facebook, etc. We have decided not to do this on purpose and while we get flack from some people about it, we are confident it’s the right decision for the community.

MyGirlFund isn’t like other sites, because while there may be adult or sexy content on the site, it’s not an adult or sex site. It’s a community and the focus is on maintaining a healthy community. That is, at the end of the day the goal of everyone involved with the site. If we were all over Twitter or Facebook, interacting like friends it would open up a lot of possibility for lines to be crossed and that sort of thing can damage the community.

So while we think of all of girls as friends of MGF, at no point will we be friending them on FB.

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