Offical Launch News.

Things have been extremely busy over here since we made the big announcement about MyGirlFund emerging from beta.

I find it pretty funny that people cursed us up and down for beta testing the site for as long as we did, but as soon as we got everything tuned to near perfection, all the criticism disappeared but we didn’t get any positive press for all the hard work.

It just goes to show that people will complain at the top of their lungs but feel like a whispered compliment is enough.

So, a quick update on the launch: we promised for a long time that once the site emerged from beta we wold allow suspended members back and so far it’s been quite a success with lots of suspended members say that it’s been a success with lots of suspended members returning excited to take advantage of the new service fee reduction.

A little research reveals that MyGirlFund has revolutionized the business with our launch, we now have the lowest service fee in the industry, in fact we are closer to PayPal than any other cam site, when it comes to fees!

7 thoughts on “Offical Launch News.

  1. I love MyGirlFund! I have been a part of the site for coming up on 2 years Now.I am so happy that we are out of Beta now.. Such a Great Change for a site that was already amazing!I love all the friends I have made Both Guys and Girls.. We have made a great Community that you can have lots and lots of fun. Dont Hesitate to stop by and get to know some of the girls. I promise you wont be Upset!

  2. I love mygirlfund as well 🙂 And a lot of the girls appreciated the launch in the girl’s blog 🙂 We are defintley very thankful for all of the hard work!

  3. mr. tech guy i havea quiry about something i would like to ask you about somthing hope you can help me pls contact me in this e-mail. pls.

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