Monday MGF girl o the day.

It’s a cold cyber Monday here at MyGirlFund! What better way to warm it up than to feature a new MGF girl of the day?

That’s right, today’s I Love MyGirlFund Girl of the Day is Rachel. She’s a long lean drink of water and a semi-pro bikini model. Want proof? Check out Rachel’s MGF Page. You can login and check out her portfolio.

What else, what else? Oh! How about the ILMGF Quiz? So here are…Rachel’s answers to the MGF quiz:

  1. Coke or Pepsi? Coke, obvi.
  2. Crunchy or smooth? Is there a third choice?
  3. Star Wars or Star Trek? Um. Don’t care?
  4. Family Guy or Futurama? Family Guy, of course!
  5. Boxers or briefs? (on a guy.) Boxers.
  6. Vegetarian or carnivore? Vegetarian, of course!
  7. Panties or commando? Panties, thongs, only.
  8. Apple or PC? PC, for life.
  9. Spit or swallow? (your gum, don’t be dirty!) Spit.
  10. Top or bottom? (okay this one is dirty.) Can I answer both?

There you go, Rachel, today’s girl of the day!

3 thoughts on “Monday MGF girl o the day.

  1. wow, not only is she hot, but she’s funny and down to earth to !

    I saw that she has a video that can be watched for only 10$ and she wonders if people will be interested.. I think that one is pretty obvious !

    That ”Top or bottom” question is very intriguing to ….

  2. A ‘real’ girl, not like those ‘plastic’ dolls you see around. Wish we’d see more of the real girls around. Well deserved 😉

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