PJ contest is ON!!!

The MyGirlFund sexiest PJs contest is in full swing and the voting page is up and ready for votes! This contest, honestly, has turned out better than we hoped. The videos are really great. So far the leader as of post time is Kaylie with her awesome PJ trifecta:

You can hop on over to the MGF Vote Page and see all of the vids and vote for your favorite!

13 thoughts on “PJ contest is ON!!!

  1. The contest is a joke. My friend Kaylie just informed me that some girl uses sex on a free cam to get a ton of votes. The contest is supposed to be the sexiest pajama contest, NOT a having sex on cam a-thon! I don’t know how this can be allowed! Kaylie was in first place, then cam whore shows up and takes a COMMANDING lead due to her sex on cam show! The contest should ONLY BE WHAT IT STATES! NO MORE NO LESS! A sexy pajama contest is just that! Any other submission that does NOT adhere to the contest being done SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED! PERIOD!

  2. Lol, is that what it’s called now a days, hustle?? Hmm, good for her though, she must really have wanted to win! But hustle is respectable, what this girl did to get votes is just pathetic.

  3. LMAO .. I don’t know about the other girl, but Kaylie really had me going there with her Mickey Mouse p.j’s at the beginning … that was to funny. She really is a creative and pretty girl.

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