Good press for MyGirlFund.

There are a few people out there who love to bash MyGirFund – usually because they have one of two axes to grind: one, they are girls who got kicked off the site for breaking the rules and are mad or two, they are fans of a competing site. Here, however, is a guy who knows the real score and provided a positive view of the site and some good information about MGF versus other sites:

“Lots of misinformation in this thread [which I won’t link, who needs misinformation getting press?]. As a guy who has been on [several] sites for a few years, I feel … MGF is the better place for girls.

As for the comments about knowing who the owners of [MyGirlFund] are, who cares. I’m buying the girls’ services. The girls are getting their money on MGF. Whoever runs MGF is no different than anyone who runs a website or a company. Any company can go out of business. MGF seems to have the best business model for the long term.

MGF favors the girls. They generate income for the site. Contrary to what someone wrote in a prior thread, MGF girls make good money. The top girl there has earned [thousands] and she is still making as much each week as she did when she started. It’s good coin. And the girls get the money deposited directly in their accounts each week like clockwork. On [other sites], the girls never get a penny. The money is held up forever … MGF girls can also use the money however they want – new boobs, new clothes, trips, expenses.

[Other sites] are all about porn, MGF is about friendships. A lot of guys are on both sites. I go on [other sites] to get free porn, I go on MGF because the chicks there are all hot and cool and fun to talk to or cam with. I don’t mind paying extra to the chicks on MGF after I get to know them. Most of the chicks on MGF are hot single moms, and even the older chicks are pretty hot. They are true amateur girls, not professional porn stars, or old saggy titted married women, like the girls on [other sites.]

So if you’re a guy, go check out [porn sites] and get your free porn, then go over to MGF and spend some money on some hot chicks. If you’re a girl, I would recommend joining MGF. You can get your boobs there, and anything else you need. You won’t have your videos and shit sent all over the internet like you will at [other sites.]”

Thanks, anon guy, for being honest.

7 thoughts on “Good press for MyGirlFund.

  1. I agree to ! MGF is definitely a much better site. The girls should always come first and be appreciated for what they do.

    It also has a ”real personal and close” feeling to it, which those porn sites don’t have.

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