New MGF girl of the day!

What better cure is there for the hump day blues than a brand new MyGirlFund girl profile? Answer? None. Except Wednesday happy hour…

What better way to spend a Friday than profiling a new I Love MyGirlFund Girl of the Day? This week’s girl is a lovely little blonde beauty with a wild streak…click on over to her profile and check out Alyss!

Alyss has a great take on MGF: “I love my girl fund because I get to talk to awesome guys from all over the world and they enjoy what I have to say! Now I don’t know if it’s because I’m a cute girl actually talking to them or if it’s because I’m nerdy and love video games and storm troopers, but they love me and I love them. I’m so glad this site exists!”

The diversity of theMGFcommunity is illustrated by girls like Alyss and this is why the site works so well and is such a great community. You should definitely check out her page at MyGirlFund, sign in and say hi to her (it’s free!) or browse for girls that are more your speed.

And here are…Alyss’s answers to the MGF quiz:

  1. Coke or Pepsi? Coke.
  2. Crunchy or smooth? Smooth.
  3. Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars.
  4. Family Guy or Futurama? Futurama.
  5. Boxers or briefs? (on a guy.) Boxer-briefs.
  6. Vegetarian or carnivore? Carnivore.
  7. Panties or commando? Panties.
  8. Apple or PC? Apple!!!
  9. Spit or swallow? (your gum, don’t be dirty!) Spit.
  10. Top or bottom? (okay this one is dirty.) Bottom.

Well…there you have it. At least you’re on the downhill slope of the week. PEACE!

2 thoughts on “New MGF girl of the day!

  1. Alyss sounds like every guys dream girl. She gives off just a nice little bit of sweet and naughty. That being said I hope MGF next choice for girl of the day is a little less stereoptypical.

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