MyGirlFund Girl o’ the Day!

Hot off the presses, it’s the MGF girl of the day – today’s girl is a really amazing member of the community, it’s Jillybean!

Jilly explains exactly why she’s so active on MyGirlFfund in the following way: “I love mygirlfund because I’m an exhibitionist by nature, so this allows me to show that side of me. Plus the guys get to share with me in it! Also I love all of my friendships on there, and I’ve been [on mygirlfund] for nearly a year and have made sooo many friends! I don’t know what I would have done without them!”

That, there is exactly why MGF works so well and is such a great community. You should definitely check out Jilly’s page at MyGirlFund, sign in and say hi to her (it’s free!).

Here it is…Jilly answers to the MGF quiz from:

  1. Coke or Pepsi? Dr. Pepper!
  2. Crunchy or smooth? Smooth.
  3. Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Trek.
  4. Family Guy or Futurama? Family Guy.
  5. Boxers or briefs? (on a guy.) Boxer briefs!
  6. Vegetarian or carnivore? Carnivore all the way, I like my steak to moo when I cut into it!
  7. Panties or commando? Panties.
  8. Apple or PC? PC.
  9. Spit or swallow? (your gum, don’t be dirty!) Spit.
  10. Top or bottom? (okay this one is dirty.) Top!

JIllybean, the MyGirlFund girl of the day (and unofficial zookeeper, LOL.!

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