MyGirlFund Girl of the D.

Today’s featured MGF girl is a fan favorite with one of the biggest collections of videos on MGF, it’s Kandii!

Kandii loves MGF in a big way, she says, “How could you not love MyGirlFund? I mean seriously people this place is full of the most amazing guys and hottest gals known to man kind. And guess what makes it ten times better then most other sites? No spam, no scams, and its full of really hot and smart girls that love to be themselves. It doesn’t get much better in terms of a great community when you have so many amazing people working together to create a tight knit family unit.”

Whoa, kind words, Kandii. We may have found a new MGF spokesgirl! Head on over to MyGirlFund, sign in and say hi to her.

Now, the reason you all tune in — the demanding MGF quiz from Kandii:

  1. Coke or Pepsi? Coke, pepsi taste like hot watered down coke to me.
  2. Crunchy or smooth? Hmm depends on my mood, but I usually prefer smooth since its easier to spread.
  3. Star Wars or Star Trek? Boooo to all you Trekkies! lol jk, Actually I grew up with an older brother who is obsessed with Star Wars so I in turn LOVE it!
  4. Family Guy or Futurama? Wow hard choice, but family guy all the way. If you ever chat with me most likely family or Adult Swim will be whats on my tv.
  5. Boxers or briefs? (on a guy.) Boxers are more my style for a guy to wear. That way I can steal them and sleep in them myself too, haha no I sleep nakie! lol
  6. Vegetarian or carnivore? Meat, meat, meat! I love my veggies, but a juicy steak, piece of pork, or some chicken always hit the spot for me.
  7. Panties or commando? I have a huge thong and panties obsession. Thongs, boy cuts, g string, etc. I love them all and have dozens of pairs, but I do sleep in the nude.
  8. Apple or PC? Who cares as long as I can get on MYGirlFund =)
  9. Spit or swallow? (your gum, don’t be dirty!) Ohh Im a naughty girl and usually swallow.
  10. Top or bottom? (okay this one is dirty.) Top, top, top! Im going to give you good top! lol If Im not on top you better be bending me over, the view is quite enjoyable too.

Kandii, the MyGirlFund girl of the day!

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