Houston, we have a problem.

As you can see below, our hosting at Daily Motion got killed. So weird…out of the blue they get a ton of random complaints. Kinda like the YouTube videos that get taken down as soon as they go up. Almost as if…ah well never mind that.

We MGF-ers are always Plan B, plan C and plan D kinds of folks. So we always have a backup plan. The voting page is back up, and the tightest tee shirt contest is still going on – so far Honey~Suckle and She’s a 10 are leading, but it’s close.

5 thoughts on “Houston, we have a problem.

      • You could just post brief snippets of what you post here. For example, tweet the girl of the day and have a link to this blog, or the girls MGF profile. You could post site updates. Recruit girls and guys. Most of my fans come from Twitter these days because we all know myspace is dying and Twitter is a refreshing, SIMPLE way of getting messages across. I’m sure a lot of the girls have twitter and if you asked us to tweet and promote the new MGF twitter you would gain a lot of followers and spread the word that way. Well, in the end it’s just another way of networking on the internet.

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